Ostrander and Brown Answer the Call for Community Youth Football League

Scott Ostrander, the endorsed candidate for Milton Town Supervisor and Justice Timothy Brown have personally delivered 1,000 Purell Hand Sanitizer wipes to the Community Youth Football League of Ballston Spa. Ostrander responded to the League’s frustration over the lack of clean facilities and hand soap supplied in the restrooms for their players, volunteers and families.

According to Milton Town Employee and Football League administrator Sean Mulvaney, the Burgess-Kimball Park fields are leased for two months at $1300. Mulvaney said stocked and maintained restrooms are part of the deal.

When contacting Milton Town Supervisor Benny Zlotnick about the issue, Mulvaney was told to suggest families bring their own toiletries and supplies. A solution he was not expecting to hear.

When asked what he might have done differently, Ostrander said, “I would make a call to the Saratoga County Sheriff and NYS Police to request an increase in patrols, propose motion lights and micro cameras. I certainly wouldn’t tell a community league and the families participating, paying to participate, to bring their own soap. Especially now with public safety still uncertain.”

Election day is Tuesday, November 2, 2021 — Vote Ostrander, John Frolish, Frank Blaisdell and Justice Tim Brown to put the Town of Milton BACK on the path to SUCCESS.

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