2023 Town of Milton Candidates

Receiver of Taxes - Lisa Wanits, Council Member - Barbara Kerr
Town Supervisor - Scott Ostrander
Elect Council Member - Megan Soden
Brenda Howe - Town Clerk

Receiver of Taxes – Lisa Wanits ; Council Member – Barbara Kerr ; Town Supervisor – Scott Ostrander ; Elect Council Member – Megan Soden ; Brenda Howe – Town Clerk


Re-Elect Scott Ostrander as Supervisor. He has been a life-long resident of Ballston Spa and a graduate of Ballston Spa High School. Ostrander has served his community for over 35 years a starting with the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Office soon after getting an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice from Fulton-Montgomery Community College. He is retired from full-time status as a Village of Ballston Spa Police Officer and Investigator and was President of the Ballston Spa Police Benevolent Association for many, many years.

Ostrander has and still serves a number of Saratoga County Courts as law enforcement and has continued career education over the years, specifically applicable to Community Policing subjects. He was a Milton Town board member in 2017-2018 and worked for his neighborhood as Town of Milton Supervisor in 2018-2019.  

Scott takes a great amount of pride in the years he has spent keeping communities safe and was part of starting up the “Summer Bike Helmet Safety Program” years ago in Saratoga County. As of summer, 2021, the program is championed by NYS Senator Jim Tedisco, other local officials, businesses and 22 area police departments to distribute 5,000 “good tickets” for free ice cream as a reward to children who wear their helmets while bicycling, skateboarding, and rollerblading. They organizations also give free bike helmets to kids who need one.

A HUGE racing fan, Scott helped to bring “First Responders Night” to the Malta Speedway as a way to bring volunteers and emergency personnel together for family fun.

As Town Supervisor in Milton, Ostrander held firm and succeeded in getting the West II neighborhood paved and dedicated back to the Town after several delays by the developer. He was responsible for the inter-connection of waterways between Heritage Springs and Mooney and got water rates reduced for the Jatski neighborhood paying more for water than the other neighborhoods.

The Naval Nuclear Laboratory is honored to be presented with the Town of Milton's 2019 Heritage Award celebrating 70 years of history at the Kenneth A. Kesselring Site
Scott Ostrander presenting The Naval Nuclear Laboratory with the Town of Milton‘s 2019 Heritage Award

Ostrander found solutions and created reserves in a short period of time fixing the $1.5million dollar budget error found in previous years. He was the ONLY Town Supervisor since 2008 to address the Town Hall building issues by initiating and proposing paid current engineering studies, a key element to the Master Plan he created and was ready to begin Phase 1 action in December, 2019.

A family man, married to Allyson and has two daughters he has raised in the Town of Milton. He spends his time watching sports, enjoys dinners out with friends often and has a hidden talent of girls hair styling and braiding. In spite of a serious demeanor professionally, his wife describes him as kind, gentle and loving. Friends know him to have a GREAT sense of humor.

Ostrander is a good manager and listener according to past and present Town of Milton employees. He lets people do the jobs they are hired to do, earns trust and builds relationships. One of the biggest accomplishments during his service was working hard to connect the Building and Highway departments into a good, working partnership which was considered a difficult and fractured relationships for many years prior.

RE-ELECT SCOTT OSTRANDER – TOWN OF MILTON SUPERVISOR and this slate of candidates to continue Milton’s Success

Re-Elect Council Member – Barbara Kerr

Elect Council Member – Megan Soden

Elect Megan Soden as Council Member.  She has been a resident of Ballston Spa for over 20 years.  Soden graduated with a degree in Business Management from Hartwick College in Oneonta, NY. 

She is the current chairwoman for the Zoning Board of Appeals in the town.  In addition, she has served on several special teams and committees over the years, including the Rt 50 Corridor Team and most currently the Comprehensive Plan team. 

Soden is a wife to husband Mitch and mother to her two children she has raised in the Town of Milton.

She spends her time going to her children’s events, administering a local charity, playing pickleball with her friends and participating in her church.

Soden likes to have fun and laugh, while having the ability to lead a team or committee to consensus or resolution.  She is well thought out and listens to residents on concerns in the community.  She will be an advocate for town residents while weighing the needs of the town.  She has a great working relationship with town employees and looks forward to contributing as a team member to the town mission.

Re-Elect Highway Superintendent – David Forbes

Re-Elect Brenda Howe – Town Clerk

Re-Elect Lisa Wanits – Receiver of Taxes

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